Tuesday, September 17, 2013



sorry for your inconvenience, to read my post with English were isn't disordered.

i am write this post because to many people now, used my slack name. "luvhara".

that name it so mean to me.

i am grow up with that name, since 7 years old. or 20 years ago. And i used that name in internet, when the first time i write a blog, i named it same to.

Until now, i used my slack name in my daily life. and, when i go to google, and write my Slack name, i found that many people use my name.

 that make me so sad, "luvhara" it just can found in my country, Indonesia. i will tell you about "luvhara".

Luvhara it from sansekerta language. Lu Va Hara, it's mean "back to nature". and also luvhara it's consistence about not make more damage to earth, have a strong soul and  very patient.

i know, when i wrote my name "luvhara" i am still in main result, but i am still feel broken where someone use that name, but don't know what the meaning of that name.

once again, i am so sorry. i not hate, or want to disturb another people, i am just telling the truth about "luvhara". And i am feel, i am the first people that used that name, and i am think, that name just can found i my country, Indonesia. Luvhara is a slack name for Jimmy Kokong.

Thank regard,

Jimmy Kokong (Luvhara)


  1. hemm just know about the meaning of luvhara ..

    is so deep jim..

    ga heranlah jika jimmy sedih akan hal ini yang pd ngikutisasi pake nama luvhara..

    tapi the only one and only one the real luvhara is you jimmy..:)

  2. what a deep thought of deciding intenet's name. i don't even think about it, i use "sjifa" instead of "syifa" for my internet name, it doesn't have any meaning like yours but luckily nobody use it so far, so when you google "sjifa" that's me.

    nowdays many people use internet as well as the new generation around the world, and i guess they try to create their username too, and they come up with 'luvhara'. If i am not mistaken there is a korean idol named hara, so they use LuvHara means that they love their idol. pffff. Maybe someday others will use 'sjifa' too, and then i will lose my special internet identity.

    I suggest you use "luvhara" more often, in every post, in every account, to keep it on first page of google search.

    I try to google it, well you accounts are still on the first page of google search, not bad.

    Good luck Jimmy

  3. wah baru tau artinya, dan baru tau juga itu dari bahasa sansekerta :o


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