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This Is My Story : Love is Act not Words

This Is My Story : Love is act not words

(brigde story of "gara-gara cemistry")

"when you break the wall, you have a out of the box. and when you
find your self in deepest sad story, read again a colorful story because life must be go on "

Someday, when i was young i find my self on glory of game that i played. and when i grow up, i realize how much i found my self has been played. okay, i know so pity i am. This story not tell the love story that i played. because love isn't that thing can we played. love is a universal feeling. this is a some story that could make we know the best way that we have to choose.

Nothing can prepare what kind problem that you face it in future. like story of love. it depend how god planed it for you. everyday we meet some people, and usually there's many different of them that we don't know, what they are. And maybe one of them, can be you lover's, someone that you like it very much. and there's like chemistry, kind of feeling of love, it just came without notice. call destiny? i dont know, it absurd. People saying about me, they i have personally blame my inability to feel any kind of emotion whatsoever, love or bla..bla..bla... no reason to tell it.

in a lazy day, i have going to work, and there's my new office, and my new job. i found my self as a IT Staff at English First, who spend so many time to take care website www.englishfirst.co.id , and honestly i am learn English at EF when i was in high school few years ago. Stay in unknowing places and life among unknown people. but, when i think about how i can adapt with a new friend, adapt with new jobs, and other way of my confusion, she come front of my face. i don't know how much time that i use to saw her. like a magic, quickly, and not to persuasive change to do it. damn.. i am so excited and really .. hmm.. you know what i mean ^_^...

she get unpretending in front of me, oh God she so beautiful, and the foolish for me, i trap my self to look her. it could be ready confuse how to acquainted with her. and next day i try to find out her selular number. and like there lucky for me, i got her number, and since then we got closer, both of us knowing each other.

much of my day after know her, very brightly. i am so happy, i am feel falling in love with her. we talk, we move, we walk, we eat, we laugh, so many day fills up with cheerful. i like her nose, i like her lips, i like her eyes, i like her neck, i like all she have. I like when she walk, i like when she talk, i like when she singing. i like her very much.

After all the day, now i am know it, that she not love me, even that just like me, she just feel comfort with me. honesty, i am so selfish for my self, i am hurt, i am shock, and over sadly. little question i ask to God, may i got karma? why i must feel this hurt, day by day it make me so sad. i am trying and trying to make this just wrong expectation, i am to confidence maybe, and this is my foul, i wrong with my feeling but maybe i got the reason, i got some explanation. She's not tell me why, but i just try to read situation, and the answer in my head, all the thing is because the purpose on her life. that a greatest purpose that i ever heard it. she want to make her parent proud of her. she want make them happy. especially her mom, greatest mom that i ever heard to. if my mom still right here behind me, i'll do what she does. she wont get personal relationship, until make her dream come true.

And now, that was i am doing, just give her a best that i can do, and help her make her parent proud of her. maybe this so naifs, klise, but that call love for me. do what we want to do, and make that positive thing to make better life.

so if you love somebody, like her very much. remember, love isn't must like our expectation. love is act, love is journey. keep it in our heart and just do it. life is not forever, so enjoy your life.
i am just wanna say, if i choose as the winner of #mystory, i hope, #mystory can make other people not thing really bad with a broken heart. it could be a next step to make us to be wise, and i am just share what i got in little part of my life.

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  1. oh nice... so pity of you... be strong :D
    btw... what is the girl purpose :-? *curious :p


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